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Gandi Baat is an Indian web series Hindi Language directed by Sachin Mohite for altbalaji. It is an adult genre and erotic web series. This web series was viewed above 18+ people, are you 18+?

This web series currently has a total of four seasons, so let’s take you on a quick stay through all the available episodes and introduce you to each of them. Each episode brings a new story to you, so nothing is repetitive or an important character. Every story has a different plot and different character but one thing is common that they are all outside rural India.

Gandi Baat Season 1

Gandi Baat Web Series Episodes

Episode 1: Threesome

Episode 2: Tharki Buddha

Episode 3: Vasu Nag

Episode 4: Preeto Rani

Gandi Baat Episode 1: Threesome

In the first episode of the Gandibat web series Namwar sees his wife Gunja sleeping with his neighbor, he gets angry and comes out of his house after a while, he starts threesomes together with his neighbor and wife. is.

Gandi Baat Season Episode 2: Tharki Buddha

In this episode, Thaarki the old man sees his daughter-in-law taking a bath and tries to make a physical connection with her daughter-in-law, but Bahu runs away and you have to see the webseries of the story ahead.

Gandi Baat Season Episode 3: Vasu Nag

As strange as the plot of this episode may be, the woman living in this village relates to a lack of satisfaction. Snake sex with the women of this village. gandi baat web series

Gandi Baat Season Episode 4: Preeto Rani

It might come off as a lot progressive but this episode can be a bit disturbing to watch. Narrating the story of Preeto, she is a woman who not just rules and dominates her household but also the men around her. Alarmed by her dominance, charm, and position, her son-in-law, Gogi tries to challenge her but fails irrevocably when he tries to claim her womanhood.

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Gandi Baat Season 2

Gandi Baat Web Series Episodes

Episode 1: Bi-S**ual

Episode 2: Jadui Mahal

Episode 3: Gibraltar

Episode 4: Love s33 and betrayal

Episode 5: Gudiya Rani

Gandi Baat Episode 1: Bai S**ual

The story of this episode revolves around Neeta, who is devastated when she learns of her husband’s involvement with Shakila. However, the story takes a worse turn when Sajili makes an impossible stake to complete Vaibhav.

Gandi Baat Episode 2: Jadui Mahal

In this episode there is a Jadui Mahal which is a mysterious fort in a village that no one dares to enter. Facing the challenge, the sarpanch of the village decides to enter the fort and after that things change completely.

Gandi Baat Episode 3: Gibraltar

The story in this episode tells you about the frustration of Bhushan who badly wants to marry Seema. He is somewhat intimidated by his fiance’s personality. Unable to take the constant pressure, she decides to take things into her own hands and teaches her a lesson for life.

Gandi Baat Episode 4: Love S** And Betrayal

In this episode, Dugga narrates the lives of Saatchi, Hera and Soma, who face life’s challenges and learn to distinguish between love and lust through some old traditions. This is everything you need in an episode.

Gandi Baat Episode 5: Gudiya Rani

This episode is the last episode of season 2 in which a truck driver narrates the story of Kishan Chand. Waking up after falling unconscious, Kishan finds himself in a very strange room, unable to escape and only then realizes that he has been kidnapped and married.

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